Choose your own power!

Choose your Own electricity through Solar


Why Solar Aurora?

Every client that switches to Solar Aurora empowers not only themselves, but we also donate to https://www.hepempowers.org which is an organization that not only shelters and feeds the homeless, but trains and empowers them to break out of the cycle of homelessness.

For every 100 clients that switch to Solar Aurora we sponsor a community water point with https://thewaterproject.org/sponsor-a-water-project

where those without running clean water have a chance for their lives to be changed by our efforts.


 It's simple. From the moment we meet you, our goal is not just to win over our next client. It's to win a long-term relationship, or what we call our Solar Friends. This starts by getting to know you, understand you, and find out what your goals are. As we become friends with you, together we find out how we can serve you. The solar friendship experience that we strive for with you is as beautiful as an aurora.


 We started our solar careers in the big solar corporations. We learned to love helping people free themselves through solar. We decided that we could offer a higher level of solar friendship experience. So, in June of 2017 we started on this epic adventure and a new chapter of our solar revolution began. Now it's your turn to join in our story and become a part of the solar revolution!




His namesake is President Ronald Reagan and so naturally, Reagan is like him. He loves people, he is funny, he loves to communicate, and he is a teacher at heart. He fell in love 10 years ago and keeps falling in love with his beautiful wife Dawnett. Together they are having a blast raising 5 kids all below the age of 9. He is deeply involved in his faith and in serving others. Before starting Solar Aurora he personally became Solar Friends with over 200 people, thus becoming an influential leader empowering the teams he had the honor of serving with to free others through solar, impacting the lives of thousands!


He is strongly driven by three major priorities in his life. First and foremost is his faith. It has made him who he is today. Second is family. He has an amazing supportive wife of almost 25 years. Heather and his five incredible children make him a better man. Third is his work, career, and business. He loves to teach and train the Solar Aurora Team so that they will become influential in changing the lives of our wonderful customers. He is very excited about life and what it holds for those he can help.

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